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Archives: 2012–2013

summer solstice redux
Sitting down, doing things

This time around, the summer solstice was a whole seven days ago. It's been a weird year.

Bright Pink Smile is obviously on temporary hiatus while I attend to other things. This blog will be revived soon enough. Meanwhile: has twenty-something new paintings from 2012
• Paintings from 2013 will be posted this coming winter
• The evolution section on has been completed
• The accidental photography section (does not exist anymore) has been completed over at
• Both of my books at are in the process of being turned into ebooks. They should be completed and available by end of summer.
• A Facebook fan page for Alexandria's artwork, creativity and works-in-progress had recently been created at Alexandria Levin – Art Studio. (does not exist anymore)
• I have a new gallery, with an exhibition of new works, as one of six painters new to the gallery, called; NEW. See my news page for more info.
• Then there's playing with yarn and other fiber, and writing lyric-poems
• And of course, I have been working on the usual graphics and web design projects for clients. Some of these newer projects can be seen on my portfolio page.
• Which brings me to updating various computer skills and my desire to be a Drupal master by end of year. Someday Bright Pink Smile will be a grown-up blog.

summer solstice
Running behind, catching up

For example, the summer solstice was two days ago.

I'm not running behind on any actual obligations at the moment. Both fortunately and unfortunately I have few as we speak. There were both unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances this spring relating to relations which needed attending to, and therefore I was set back significantly in a few areas of my life. But as time will do, my disenchanted April is now falling behind me.

I was spurred to check my email from this account yesterday and was then reminded that this poorly neglected blog needed some attention. There have been many creative adventures since the last entry, and so I will begin to catch up with this short and helpful hint...

When painting on cradled wood panels, before you begin the painting, decide which side is up, and attach your hanging hardware. If these are to be self-framed or floated, you do not want to damage the face of the painting when it is done. Face down, screw in hardware, face safe to paint on. Easy.

I figured that one out the hard way after finishing two small paintings. Now I am stretching out on a pair of 16x16" cradled wood panels, and I have plans to stretch some more... It feels really good after having been cramped for so long. Of course, I am still working in my booth of a studio, and have yet to figure out where these paintings will go to be safely stored until eventual framing and exhibition. Paint it and the space will come. Or something like that. I will keep you posted now that things have calmed down some.

gallery kos
Online exhibition and reception

Last Tuesday evening I had my first ever solo online gallery exhibition, which will hang forever on the walls of cyberspace at this location. You can expand the comment section, and read the various conversations.

I would normally say; we do what we can, whatever it takes to move things forward. And it is not quite the same as having your work on display in a flesh and blood gallery. Online exhibitions may not be anywhere as prestigious, and I'm not even sure if they belong on the artist's CV, although I will look into that.

However, after all that preface and such, it was fun. And very worthwhile. And I sold a painting the first day. And I made new friends and gained potential new collectors. And I had discussions about painting and art and techinique that I rarely have had during any of my countless flesh and blood exhibitions over the years. And did I mention it was fun?

It was really fun.

whole new beast
New year, new painting site

The cool thing about websites is that they are living, breathing things, at least in comparison to print materials. They grow and evolve. Sometimes, they completely shed their old skin and take on a new one, covering the old bone structure. At other times, they become whole new beasts, with only some of their previous cells coming along for the ride.

Bluescape by Alexandria LevinI just built a whole new beast. It went live yesterday. You will find it here at the same old web address. It's dark, I know, and the Gill Sans font may be a bit small; both points breaking some of the basics I tell my students. However, the design fits the evolution of my work better. Speaking of evolution, there will be two more sections to the site. But, I didn't want the time consuming-ness of either to hold back the site another month.

The painting in this post is called; Bluescape. It was yet another green and orange landscape. Then it went blue.

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