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About Bright Pink Smile

Sitting Sheep by Alexandria LevinBright Pink Smile was conceived during the flea-bitten summer of 2009. It is a place to opine, wax poetic, share inspiration and vent steam. It is for artists and other curious folks. This is the second incarnation of this blog, with the ghost of the first version haunting the archives. There’s some good stuff in there, well worth reading.

I am an artist, primarily a painter, who is also a writer. I write lyric-poetry as an art form, but I also write non-fiction; essays and curriculum and whole books, almost always having to do with the arts or about being an artist. Therefore, having a blog made sense for me, as a place for stray snippets of writing to call home, as well as a resource for people who want to know more about what makes an artist tick.


There are so many things I would like to write about, and will write about in due time. Perception, observation, criticism and gratitude. Advice, musings and sporadic creativity exercises. About being an artist. About thinking about art. About the art world.

Writing is hard. Writing is easy. I once wrote in a poem:

I think in pictures first
to speak or write is like
pulling words through a sieve
by a knotted string

Time goes by in uneven increments between essays and lyric-poems. Sometimes writing flows. Sometimes it does not. This blog represents that fact effortlessly.

Crab Rabbit by Alexandria LevinFor the longest time, I had planned to turn this into a conventional blog, with comments and tags and word clouds and all those standard blog accessories. But that’s not going to happen, not for quite a while. Bright Pink Smile is going to remain an old school web log, like a journal of sorts, at least for the foreseeable future. This artist and writer simply does not have the time to monitor commentary. This writing is just stuff I’m putting out there. For you. And for me.

There is an email address tied to this blog at Be forewarned that I check this email account only once a week or so. If you have something that you think I ought to write about, or you have a comment related to a particular blog post, then I would be open to hearing it. That said, please know that I may or may not have the time to respond. I will do my best.

– Alexandria Levin

About the Blogger

I could repeat everything I've written on the About the Author page at the Painted Jay site. I could also repeat everything I've written in my Artist Bio at my painting site. Or I could let you decide to click these links or not. Since there is only so much repetition I can handle at any given time, you can click the links in this paragraph if you so choose. It's all good.

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