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Alexandria Levin Oil Paintings
Dark, beautiful, strange and colorful contemporary realist and semi-surrealist oil paintings; featuring plush creatures, stuffed animals, slightly peculiar still-lifes, variously-abstract landscapes and structures, plus a showcase of earlier allegorical paintings.

Painted Jay Books for Artists and Other Creative Folks
Unique and informative books for artists on how to price artwork and for developing an unlimited source of creativity; written, produced and published by artist Alexandria Levin. ‘Drawing Out the Muses’ and ‘Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence’ are now available as ebooks on Kindle, Nook and Kobo. Both books are available in print at CreateSpace and Amazon.
Ms. Levin’s author page at Amazon

Design, Poetry and Photography Portal
Alexandria Levin’s portal site; highlighting graphic and web design, and featuring illustrated lyric poetry and accidental photography. The Design Portfolio page is for presenting affordable and professional graphic design and website development, including client testimonials.

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Painted Jay Publishing, offering books for artists and other creative folks, by the author of this blog. Available in print and ebook formats at
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